Pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy assists in the early detection of issues affecting development and use a variety of modalities to treat the pediatric population. Our pediatric therapists assist with the diagnosis, treatment and management of infants and children with a variety of congenital, developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal or acquired disorders and diseases.

Young child working on holding and using a marker

Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapists assist in improving motor skills, balance, coordination, strength and endurance. The treatments may also address sensory integration as well as developmental delays. Our physical therapists utilize a variety of treatment techniques and equipment in a safe and fun environment in order to achieve age appropriate functional goals.

Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric occupational therapists focus on achieving functional independence through therapeutic interventions addressing perceptual motor skills, fine motor skills, strength and coordination, sensory integration/sensory processing and self-care activities.

Speech Therapy

Our pediatric speech therapists integrate all aspects of speech and language development, including receptive and expressive language, pragmatic language, articulation, respiration and fluency. Cognitive components such as problem solving and reasoning are also addressed by speech therapists. Other aspects of treatment may include the development and training of alternative and augmentative communication, oral motor abilities, swallowing and feeding skills.

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